welcome to The Much wenlock flood groups interactive website!

Click anywhere in this section to enter the interactive Local Flood Groups main website. Here you will find interesting articles explaining some of the problems that Much Wenlock Townsfolk face with respect to flooding within and around our parish. The Local Flood Groups aim is to deliver as much information that they can find about the causes and effects of flooding within the town of Much Wenlock. They will (where permitted) release any relevent data that they find via this website or the local press (whether it be positive or negative influencing). The group believe that a better informed person can make better and more informed decisions. So they hope that readers will use this information to make better more informed choices.

The Much Wenlock Flood Group is maintained and funded by voluntary community donations (whether time, money or expertise).This website is managed by the Much Wenlock Flood Group members. Several of the flood groups members serve, in an advisory capacity on and to the local Much Wenock Town Councils Flood Working Group. This second group is Council run and managed under Council rules and regulations (see the Town Council link below) so data from this source can and will be more restricated and delayed when coming from or through that "stream". The town council working group is co-ordinating the efforts of the "Flood Group" with a view to proposing suitable suggestions and ideas to the local Town and County Councils.

The Much Wenlock Flood Group developed this site to allow members of the general public to read, follow and understand the complexity of the problems faced by us all in dealing with surface water flooding within our local community. The Much Wenlock Flood Group, via this website hopes to provide details of possible solutions, propose ideas, raise discussions, supply information on resilience, insurance, emergency planning and so on to the members of the general public that otherwise would not know what to do in another flood event or what has happened since the last major flooding event.

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